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Language and culture are an integral part of any country’s consciousness. The older the country, the richer would be its wealth of wisdom. Nihongo – as the Japanese language is called – is spoken by 120 million citizens of Japan, whose Engineering marvels and management principles are practiced the world over.

The Nihongo language has three scripts – Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
There are 5 levels of Japanese Language Program.
Japanese Language BandsProficiency Level
Beginner Level Japanese Language Program (JLP)Basics of Japanese (short course)
N5Beginner Level – Introductory
Quasi Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level
N1Expert Level

Basic Japanese Language Program (JLP)

The basic JLP has been designed to provide a basic understanding of the Nihongo language and help the participants understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Japan.

After successful completion of the program, candidates will be able to communicate in very basic Nihongo and develop interests for Japanese qualities like respect, chivalry, time keeping and good manners. This program is suited both for children and adults.


  • Learn a much-demanded global language
  • Develop cognitive skills
  • Inculcate respect for values and tradition
  • Appreciate the culture behind successful technical innovations of Japan
  • Create your pathway for a career in Japan

Upcoming Training Programs

CourseStart Date Days & TimingsNo. of sessionsDurationCost INR (Incl. of GST)
Basic Japanese Language Program (JLP)1st July 2020Monday to Friday20 (20 Hrs)1 hr a dayRs. 3,499/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Students from Standard 7th to Standard 10th.

College Students, Professionals, Japanese Language Enthusiasts, People seeking a career in Japan, Japanese Manga enthusiasts, etc.

Yes. Children and adults have separate batches.

Yes. SPG will issue a Course Completion Certificate after successfully completing any of these programs.

With the JLP – N5 program, you will also be in a position to take up the JLPT/ NAT exam conducted globally after completion of the course. These exams are recognised by the Government of Japan.

For participants who want to get a peek of Japanese language and culture, Basic JLP is recommended. This program has been designed to provide an introduction to the rich culture and heritage of Japanese culture in a short duration and help us to appreciate those values in our lives. After completion of the program, you will be able to communicate by using simple Japanese words to create many sentences.

However, for advanced level training in Nihongo, you need to enrol for N5, N4 and N3 level training programs. These are language bands for Nihongo (where N stands for the language Nihongo), N5 in the lowest level of language proficiency and N1 being the higher level of language proficiency.

The trainers are Indian and Native Japanese Senseis (teachers in Japanese language) with decades of experience in teaching Nihongo.