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  • Event Date 2018/03/24  -  7:07 am to 7:07 am
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The Sushi Chefs – Masaki Sensei and Yasushi Kawashimo Sensei at their best… Read the article published in “The Hindu”.

Hirofumi Masaki is one of the top sushi chefs in Japan, and was one of the winners at a Sushi competition held in Nagasaki. Chef Masaki began specialising in sushi at age 16. He now works at one of Japan’s famous restaurants Kagestu, which was started in 1642 in Nagasaki Prefecture and is said to have served the country’s Emperors. Chef Masaki and Chef Kawashimo Yasushi were in Bengaluru for a Japanese food festival held at Palette in Taj Yeshwantpur. With the help of interpreter Isaku Mori the two spoke of their respective specialisations.

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