World-Renowned Automobile Industry Beckons with Prospects of Thriving Career

World-Renowned Automobile Industry Beckons with Prospects of Thriving Career: Japan is the Mine of Opportunities!

If there is one industry to be named that the Japanese have gained mastery over, many will vote for their brilliant zeal for making cars. Since 1960, Japan has held its position with glory among the three top automobile manufacturers of the world. For the Japanese, making cars is an art form that seamlessly blends technology and aesthetics together. From ensuring luxurious comfort to warrantying safety, the Japanese cars score high on every necessary aspect and beyond. Automobile is also the most celebrated exports from the country.

Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Lexus, and Subaru are some of the frontrunners of Japan’s expanding automobile industry, which have rose to international fame. Automobile lovers across the world keep a keen eye on what these car manufacturers are going to present next. The automobile expertise of the Japanese is not limited to vehicle manufacturing alone! Car parts produced in the state-of-the-art facilities of Japan are found in cars of six continents globally. Transport manufacturing industry is the country’s largest manufacturing sector. Around 89% of transportation machinery production in Japan occurs in connection to the automotive industry.

Needless to say that such a prospering industry is always on the lookout for talented engineers and management professionals. Overseas job consultants can help you gain a chance to work for a leading vehicle maker of Japan with lucrative pay and benefits. Let’s walk you through the job scenario and top employers of Japan’s auto industry.

A Plethora of Opportunities is Calling Out

It is only after the Second World War that Japan focused on economic development of the nation and within less than two decades made their presence felt in the world economy. As their concentration shifted to manufacturing, heavy industry and increasing exports, Japan experienced rapid economic growth. One of the pillars of this change in Japan’s economy is its automobile industry that includes heavy truck production as well as passenger car production. The rapid development of automobile industry has created a wide range of job opportunities in Japan.

Soon enough Japan incorporated cutting-edge robotics manufacturing technologies for cutting down overhead expenses and greater precision in assembling car parts. An approximate 8.7% of the total workforce of Japan or 5.5 million people are employed by its automobile industry at present. Japanese auto and auto part makers are now more interested than ever to invest in human resources and including non-Japanese employees for a global representation. From analysing of various models of automobiles, mould design, tool design to automotive product designing, assembling and creating auto parts, Japan is hiring foreign engineering graduates in many key roles. In many cases, food, lodging, and transport facilities are offered as added benefits for automobile and mechanical engineers from foreign countries. Knowing Japanese is one of the main requirements of getting hired. As Japan’s automobile manufacturers are trying to further infiltrate global marketplaces, they also need management employees who can speak both English and Japanese. Thus, bi-lingual efficiency counts as a bonus point in favour of the aspirants.

The Most Prestigious Employers in Japan’s Automobile Industry

Japan is the home of countless cars, ATVs, construction vehicles, motorcycles, and engine manufactures. Though they all have contributed to the revolutionary growth of the Japanese automotive industry, some of them have acted as the torchbearers. These companies are also the greatest employers that Indian auto-enthusiasts can work for! If you have always dreamt of building sleek and powerful cars then the companies listed below might offer you the opportunity.

1. Toyota: Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, Toyota is one of the pioneering forces of Japan’s auto industry. Cars with the hallmark of Toyota are known for reliability. This is because the trustworthy brand image created and maintained by the reputed auto manufacturer since 1937. At the present date, it is the third largest automotive manufacturer in the world. From 2012, Toyota has been steadily producing 10 million cars per year. When it comes to hybrid electric vehicles it is second to none! This prestigious company is the biggest influencer of the mass-market adoption of technologically advanced hybrid vehicles worldwide. That’s why they are hiring non-Japanese candidates to diversify the workforce for better productivity.

2. Honda: A multinational conglomerate that originated in Japan, Honda has been serving the world for almost seven decades. Apart from automobiles, this automotive tycoon has also proved its excellence in aircraft making, power equipment making, and motorcycle manufacturing. It is also a producer of robots and engines. Since 1959, Honda has been enjoying the exalted position of largest motorcycle manufacturer of the world! Honda Civic has become a household name as one of the most magnificently designed mid-range SUV.

3. Nissan: Headquartered in Yokohama, Nissan Motor Company Ltd manufactures cars under three widely known brand names Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti. The journey of the Nissan Group started 84 years ago in 1933. It is mainly known for technically advanced electric cars. Nissan has captured the title of biggest electric vehicle or EV manufacturer of the world. Nissan’s President Hiroko Saikawa has mentioned that enriching people’s lives with more innovative auto-technology is what Nissan aims at. They are participating in boosting the brand presence of Nissan through a number of marketing activities. They are hiring in both the manufacturing and management segments of the company.

4. Suzuki: The fourth largest automobile manufacturer of Japan has also become one of the top selling vehicle companies in India. You will be surprised to know that Suzuki started as a manufacturer of weaving looms but soon transformed its orientation and honed up its skills. If you are looking for career opportunities in Japan, this company can be one of the ideal choices of employers. Its specialization lies in designing and developing automobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Marketing is one of the strong points of this company. Its brand name is built on excellent user experience. With reasonable pricing and marketing tactics, Suzuki is outselling many western manufacturers with ease.

5. Mazda: Adept at manufacturing elegantly luxurious car models, Mazda is presently Japan’s sixth largest automobile manufacturer. Its global rank is 15th in production. Being a zealous designer of sports cars, North America is the biggest marketplace of Mazda cars. It has also shown great enthusiasm in making automobiles eco-friendlier for the sustainability of vehicle industry.

An aging population and increasing need for global representation have made Japan’s automobile companies more open to hiring engineers from other Asian countries, especially India. With training in Japanese language and higher educational degree from a reputed Japanese university, you can give your resume the needed edge to get noticed.

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