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SilverPeak Global has been on the forefront of sending skilled Indian professionals to Japan to cater to its ever-growing man-power requirement.


Corporate Services

SilverPeak Global (SPG) is committed to providing a viable & sustainable development solution to its clients. SPG provides a platform for corporate organizations and business owners to expand their business in the international market. SPG helps its clients to network with industry associations, government agencies, professional bodies, and corporate firms at the global level.

SPG has expertise in handling corporate services, especially for Indian and Japanese business firms. SilverPeak is a one-stop destination for all business requirements between these two nations starting from licensing to statutory, infrastructural, manpower and any customized requirements of the clients.

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Portfolio of corporate services

Industry Connect

SPG helps industries/organizations to connect at multiple levels for varied business development requirements. This includes:

Industry Connect

SPG helps industries/organizations to connect at multiple levels for varied business development requirements. This includes:

SilverPeak with the help of its professional global network help aspiring organizations looking for foreign investment/ financing for their business requirements.

Services are offered to corporate organizations looking for international partners to establish a joint venture to access new markets, share resources, capabilities & risks. Services include screening prospective partners, planning and launching of Joint Ventures.

SilverPeak assists and presents market opportunities for companies that wish to expand their business operations. Services include providing information about the scope of doing business, networking, financial and other business-oriented services.

Manpower Services

Staffing solutions are provided to Japanese organizations in various sectors. Potential candidates are equipped with Japanese language and cultural skills to make them employment ready. Practical training is also provided to candidates from technical areas such as IT/ mechanical/ automobile etc.





Foreign Business Delegations

SPG organizes foreign business delegations on a regular basis. Support services are provided to corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, professional bodies across nations to visit and connect with the potential partners for fulfilling their business objectives.

Cross-Cultural Events

SPG provides a platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, organizations and individuals to understand the business culture of the global market especially the culture of South East Asian countries. This is promoted through various cross-cultural events, symposiums, seminars organized by SPG.