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Cultural Tourism

Japan, popularly known as “The Land of rising sun” is renowned for its scenic landscape. The country is surrounded by islands, mountain ranges, gardens that are gorgeously colorful and is a visual treat for the mankind.

SPG is actively involved in promoting Japan tourism through the brand “Itravel2Japan” (an initiative by SPG and its travel partner company – iTravel). SPG has been particularly active in promoting tourism in the Kyushu region of Japan. Silverpeak Japan is also approved by “Japan National Tourist Association” and permitted to promote “Japan – Endless Discovery” in India.

Tourists from India can visit Japan on conducted tours, tailor made to suit the special requirements of tourists including food and English-speaking guides. Silverpeak Global caters to organise an experiential tourism in the category of Leisure /Business /Educational travel.

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Leisure travel

This includes Holiday/Vacation travel i.e. travelling to explore places, sightseeing, travel to visit family & friends, spiritual oriented travel i.e. travelling to visit cultural and religious places, food trips, travel to engage in outdoor activities like trekking, skiing, hiking etc.

Business travel

This includes corporate travel to attend meetings, conferences, seminars, training programmes, work travel, promotion of business, etc.

Educational travel

This includes travel by schools/colleges/ training institutes for educational purposes such as industry visits, cultural exchange trips, inter-college/ institutions visit etc.

With our travel partners concept Itravel2Japan, two main travel concepts are introduced to our customers.


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Cultural Exchange Programs

The exchange programs have a threefold approach to Young academia, emerging professionals, and Industry Interfaces. Enticing to build a strong bond between the countries through a connect amongst its people, cooperation and to exchange best practices to build a better nation through its various stake holders. Each program aims at Inculcating the importance of a value system and discipline in life.

Destination Japan

Japan is best known for its high rise, neon drenched cities, with Tokyo, Osaka, and others making for vibrant filming locations.

However, away from the urban chaos you’ll find traditional Asian villages, untouched open countryside and interesting natura features from volcanoes to white sandy beaches,making it ideal for all sorts of productions. And a complete contrast from this serenity is Japan.The shopping paradise with a wealth of stores selling everything from traditional souvenirs and local food to the latest electronics and hottest fashion brands.

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