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Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Metropolia is Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences. In Metropolia community people and worlds meet to create insight, expertise and well-being for both the professional life and life in general. Metropolia is a reliable partner and an innovator in higher education. There are over 16,000 students in Metropolia; out of them close to 1,000 come from outside of Finland.

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Bachelor of Business Administration - Artificial Intelligence

SAMK (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences) campus is located in the city centre of Pori and it is future’s learning environment. There are over 6,000 students in SAMK.




Reasons to study in Finland

  • Finland is a great place!
  • Degree studies under high quality teachers
  • Working life and project-oriented studies
  • Do an internship aimed at creating contact with businesses

How does this work?

  • Personal and AI supported Blended Learning program keeping in mind the COVID situation
  • Career coaching
  • Can be done at home or anywhere


How are our degree programmes executed?

  • Our degree programs are done with the blended learning system. In this system, the first phase of the studies will be performed in India. This first phase lasts 6-12 months, depending on the program andthe prevailing COVID-19 situation.
  • The blended study method combines traditional teacher led classroom education with studies on digital platform supported by online teaching. Students can do the online studies anywhere, as long as they have a normal computer and internet connection.
  • Our digital platform is user friendly and has been acclaimed by students the world over. All materials and recorded teacher lessons are available on the platform for the student any time during the degree program.
  • After the first blended learning phase, students move to Finland and finish their studies in the campuses of the universities of applied sciences.

Entry requirements and exams

  • Before entering the program all students are tested for basic English and Logical thinking. An entrance exam is conducted in India to finalise the students. The Exam comprises of:
    o English language skills:
        Grammar and written language skills with
        a written entry examination
        Verbal communication with an interview
    o Logical thinking and mathematics: basic skills with a written entry examination
  • Candidates will be informed of the examination dates and places. The intake test will last between 2-3 hours and the results will be informed after a week or two. No special preparations are required for the test.
  • In order to pass the test, student should have a good English skill level (IELTS 5 – 5.5) and at least average mathematics skills from high school.
  • Before the students can start the studies in the degree program they must have completed their high school.

Tuition fees and other costs

  • Tuition fee for all Metropolia degrees is 10,000 € / academic year
  • Tuition fee for all SAMK degrees is 10,500€ / academic year
  • An invoice on the tuition fee in advance of each semester or academic year shall be provided and the invoice must be paid before starting the studies.