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Training & Development Services

SilverPeak Global has an expert team from diverse fields designing and conducting training & development program at national and international forums for students and employed professionals.

SPG’s training programs are designed to impart skills that would help individuals to perform successfully, gain greater flexibility and become competent in their specialized areas. Contemporary training practices are followed to deliver the training program. Further, the customized T&D program will be devised to complement the organization’s requirements.

Training Program Offered to Students

Training Programmes Modules
Aptitude Skills Logical Reasoning Ability
Verbal& Non-verbal reasoning Ability

Quantitative Ability

Spatial Reasoning
Soft Skills Etiquettes
Attitude Training

Presentation Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Personal Interview

Group Discussion
Communication Skills Professional Writing Skills
Listening Skills

Art of Conversation

Non-verbal Communication

Resume Writing
Pre-placement induction and Training Basic IT skills
Basic and Advanced Excel Programmes

Language Skills

Facing Interview


Industry Orientation Sessions


Skill Development Sessions

Development programmes for Executives

Development programmes Modules
Personality development programme Building Self Confidence
Impression Management

Improving Personality


Positive Thinking

Social Skills
Leadership programme Leadership Skills
Interpersonal Relationship

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Diversity Management

Group Dynamics & Team Management

Conflict Management

Stress Management

Time Management
Quality Management Six Sigma
Quality Control Tools

Lean Practices

Quality Management system ISO 9001 series

Total Quality Management
Entrepreneurship development Entrepreneurial Skills
Idea Generation

Creative Thinking

Sources of funding to new ventures

Commercialization & Business development
Other Areas Facility Management
Employee Engagement

Accounting System

Sales & Marketing training

Waste Management

Big Data Analytics

Digital Marketing